Quality Management

Quality and management in balance

SOFTWEAVER GmbH develops software solutions based on the principle of agile software development.

All projects, irrespective of their scope, are implemented as unbureaucratically, simply and iteratively as possible. You will receive a qualitative product solution or module extension in a particularly short period of time and be able to focus on your core businesses.

To reach the project targets within the defined deadlines, we prefer a balanced relationship of information and self-organization.

Your satisfaction is the focus

In the interest of our customers, we meet all requirements for efficient quality management.

Our software adaptations are always implemented according to the requirements of our customers and the legal standards. All functions are tested extensively under practical conditions before delivery of an update. Should an unforeseen adjustment be required, it is implemented in the shortest possible time to avoid long waiting periods.

Our workflow for a successful quality management

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New requirements or requests for improvement to a software are common. A project cycle is defined by the customer.
Before the implementation can be started, the framework conditions first need to be checked. If necessary, customer must be informed if the request can not be implemented as desired.
If all open points have been clearified and the prerequisites for successful implementation are known, the implementation begins.
Once the implementation has been completed, an extensive test period follows, which vary in scope depending on the project request.
As soon as the application tests have been successfully completed, the extension is released as an update, or in the case of minor changes, as a patch.
If further optimizations are found, they are first discussed with the customer before the project cycle is restarted.

Quality Management

  • Agile software development

    Management of structured and manageable processes.

  • Customer satisfaction

    Optimal planning and implementation of customer requirements.

  • Teamwork

    Defined responsibilities and cooperation among the employees.

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